The Caged Graves

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The Caged Graves

Incensed at the state of the graves, Verity starts asking questions and requesting that the graves be moved inside the church cemetery. But there are whispers that the women were cursed, or possibly witches, and no one is interested in talking about it.

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Author Dianne Salerni wrote this book when she saw the real Caged Graves in Pennsylvania, and since no one knew much about who these women were, the author wrote a fiction story around the real-life mystery. I really enjoyed this book!

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  • In this one though, it was a puzzle right up until the end. Even before I read The Caged Graves , I was able to booktalk it by showing photos of the real graves and talking about the real-life mystery. Like me, students were interested in reading the book based on that story alone. Now that I have read the book, I can do an even better job talking it up with my students.

    The Caged Graves by Dianne K. Salerni

    And I already know a teacher that I plan to recommend it to! Very easy to booktalk!

    Explanation of the real Caged Graves. She is also reacquainting herself with the father she barely knows. Verity is shocked to discover, however, that her mother and aunt are buried outside the local churchyard, in graves surrounded by metal cage s.

    Verity's quest to understand the reason for this treatment of the graves stirs up secrets that the people around her wish would stay buried. And Verity soon finds her life and her engagement both in jeopardy. The historical details are quite tightly woven, without ever feeling like too much. I was especially interested to learn about the practice of people paying substitutes to go to war for them during the Civil War.

    The caged graves

    The tone of The Caged Graves is dark and suspenseful. The reader constantly feels danger looming, and sees secrets peering out of thickets.

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    As for the plot, well, I was pretty sure of the identify of the primary "bad guy" long before Verity figured it out in fact, long before Verity even suspected that there was anything amiss at all. But I still read the last third of the book with breathless interest, concerned for Verity's fate.