Tales From the Center of the Herd - Once a Zebra, Always a Zebra

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Such an educated feller, his thoughts just came in herds, He astonished all them cowboys with them jaw-breaking words. He just kept on talking till he made the boys all sick And they began to look around just how to play a trick.

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He said he had lost his job upon the Santa Fe And was going across the plains to strike the 7-D. Old Dunny was a rocky outlaw that had grown so awful wild That he could paw the white out of the moon every jump for a mile. When the stranger hit the saddle, old Dunny quit the earth, And traveled right straight up for all that he was worth. A-pitching and a-squealing, a-having wall-eyed fits, His hind feet perpendicular, his front ones in the bits. He thumped him in the shoulders and spurred him when he whirled, To show them flunky punchers that he was the wolf of the world. I was more excited for her than I have been in many years of hunting.

Photos in a beautiful African setting capped off a magical morning. Imvani, a fabulous landscape of open savannah between sloping mountains was our destination on day three.

Countries in Africa where Plains Zebra can be hunted

We were hoping to get Carole a chance at a black wildebeest or red hartebeest. From the mountain slope we were able to glass vast areas of the plain. Hundreds of animals, wildebeest, hartebeest, impala, zebra and blesbok grazed below. A wildebeest some distance from the herd was a possible stalk. A mile later we were getting close. I waited while Carole followed Mark. After several attempts they were in position, and Carole dropped a good bull with one shot.

Following Mark, she ran so hard she had the dry heaves.

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She need not have run — she had a second beautiful trophy. Before leaving Imvani, I got a red hartebeest.

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  • As a group of them moved quickly through the bush, the best bull passed through a small opening and I dropped it. Mark commented that he had not yet found it in the rangefinder. I would like to say that when I shoot I let out a deep breath and squeeze the trigger, but that is seldom true.

    I have always shot fast, handling my rifle on a moving target much as I do my shotgun; it is an automatic reflex. We left Maweni without finding the elusive nyala.

    Trophy Hunting Zebra

    We headed for the coast and Crawfords Beach Lodge a resort with all the amenities, pool, spa, lounge, dining room, laundry service, drinks on the beach; all part of the hunting package. The balcony of our thatched-roof suite looked out on the Indian Ocean, with palm trees and waves lapping on white sandy beaches. Izilo Safaris is really on to something for those with non-hunting partners. Izilo has access to nearby properties with most species of plains game. We were hopeful we would find a nyala and bushbuck, but were unconcerned as we had already had a great hunt. On my first chance at a nyala… I shot over it twice!

    My second chance was a good hit and it dropped with the second shot. Mark quickly congratulated me, told me to wait, and headed off at a run for the truck.

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    She said: "I managed to run for about 40 metres but it caught up with me. It pounced on my chest, biting off part of my breast. While I was calling out for help I tried to force open its mouth using my hands and it bit off my thumb. Ms Mhidza told the New Zimbabwe website that her family had kept the zebra as a pet for a decade after taking it in as an orphaned foal and deciding to keep it alongside their herd of cattle.

    The creature had always been calm until it turned on its owner after she stepped in to stop it attacking a cow.

    THE ZEBRA DUN anonymous – scherankhavnipac.tk

    The zebra then abandoned the cow and charged at Ms Mhidza. Worried neighbours managed to scare the animal away after the incident.

    Wildlife officials later arrived at the scene and destroyed it. Terms and Conditions. Style Book.

    Episode 7 - Zebra Rescue

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